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Top 5 Cyber-Security Myths

Top 5 Cyber-Security Myths

Cyber-Security consists of many layers of protection spread across your devices, networks, applications, or data. Effective cyber-security in any organization depends greatly on how people, procedures, and technology work with each other to create a strong defense against cyber attacks.

1|We Have Antivirus So We’re Protected From All Risks, Right?

Wrong. While antivirus is important and does protect you from some threats, it doesn’t protect you from everything. Threats to your business come from both inside and outside of your organization. Many data breaches occur because of human factors like negligence, accidental sharing of information, and theft. Integrating a total solution for your organization which includes software and hardware security solutions, a robust backup, and employee education will go a long way toward protecting your business from the more sophisticated attacks that exist today.

2|Small Businesses Are Not Targeted

Many small-business owners believe that they are not as vulnerable to attacks as a large corporation might be. However, hackers often target small businesses because they assume small businesses do not invest that much capital into their own cyber security. In fact, 58% of malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses according to the Ponemon Institute’s 2017 State of Cybersecurity in Small & Medium-Sized Businesses report. In 2017 alone, cyber-attacks cost small and medium sized businesses an average of $2.2 million.

3|Strong Passwords Keep You Safe

Strong passwords can make you safer but cannot defend against every threat. Implementing two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of protection. Also consider who within your organization has access to the data on your network. Segmenting data access so that people have access to only the data they need to complete their work tasks is vital. Data monitoring is an essential part of protecting your business.

4|Cybersecurity is a Technology Problem

According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, it found human error remains among the highest data security threat. It found cybercriminals continue to take advantage of

human nature by relying on tactics such as phishing and ransomware schemes. It is critical to educate your staff on how to be more cyber-aware, learn how to identify suspicious emails, and never open attachments from unknown entities.

5|It Will Never Happen to Me

This kind of thinking almost guarantees that it WILL happen. Would you leave your car unlocked with the keys inside? Of course not. So why would you assume that a cyber-attack wouldn’t happen to you? Better to be safe than sorry. A ransomware attack on an unprotected network could mean the loss of your entire business in the blink of an eye.


At Trailside Communications, we help our clients stay secure and productive by implementing industry-leading security products and monitoring their networks under our managed-services program.

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