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Your email and backup need to be quick and reliable.

Cloud Solutions

Very few organizations can survive today without email and reliable data protection.  Email has become a staple of business communications.  Data backup can mean the difference from recovering from data loss in hours to a matter of minutes. What do these two services have in common? They need to be quick and reliable.  Your businesses reliability and quick response can make or break your reputation for how you use technology.

At Trailside Communications, we provide cloud solutions at the highest standard, and ensure that your online presence is always on.

When you host with Trailside Communications, your site will reside on servers located in secure data centers featuring climate control, power backups, and full fire protection. To ensure speed and reliability, these servers are connected to multiple high-speed connections with the world’s leading carriers.

Contact us to see learn about our rock-solid hosting options.

Hosted Email

Why pay for email if you can get it for free? While it is tempting to save money by using free services like Gmail and Yahoo, our Hosted Exchange email cloud service is a professional platform which has your company’s best interests in mind. While other free email services analyze your email looking for ways to target ads to you, our email hosting service has three goals in mind: security, reliability, and scalability. Trailside Communications offers the following hosted email services:

  • Email Security and Encryption
  • Spam Blocking
  • Email archiving
  • Shared calendar and contacts

Data Protection

The integrity and protection of your company’s data is our number one priority. Your data can represent years of work. With the unpredictable nature of today’s environment, data loss can happen in the blink of an eye when you least expect it. Whether this loss happens from a natural weather disaster, fire, or viral attack, having an offsite backup is critical. Trailside Communications offers comprehensive internet security as well as cloud based backup solutions which can keep your business running — even if much of your physical infrastructure has been lost.

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