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Your email and backup need to be quick and reliable.

Life preserver with red ropeI need my files backed up.

Option 1 : File-based backup

We understand how valuable your data is.  Whether protecting treasured  family photos or safeguarding documents vital to your business, having a reputable online backup service provides peace of mind that, in the event of a hardware failure, your data is safe.  Trailside Communications partners with Carbonite and other leading providers to deliver home users and business owners a flexible solution for file-based online backup.

What is file-based backup?

File based backup is a tried-and-true form of back up that has been around for many years.  It is a basic copy of files from one location to another.  As your files change so do the backed up copies of those files.  Our online backup services provide automatic, affordable online protection for unlimited photos, music, and home office files for families and home-based professionals with individual computers.

While file based backup is economical and makes it easy to get back your lost data, recovery is more than just restoring lost files.  In the event of a hard drive failure, recovery also means reinstalling your computer’s operating system and applications as well.  For businesses who can’t afford to risk that kind of outage, we have more robust business continuity solutions.

Keep my business online no matter what.

Option 2: A complete business continuity solution

Reinstalling an operating system and its applications is time consuming.  Imaged based backup solutions allow you to restore your systems back to the way they were before disaster struck.  Trailside Communications knows how critical it is to protect your data.  We also know that keeping your line of business applications running is important.  Trailside Communications offers a robust online business continuity solution that not only protects your data but backs up your entire computer or server.  This includes the operating system and installed applications.  In the event of a system failure, we can often have you back up and running in minutes.

What is image-based backup?

Image-based back up is different than file-based backup.  Instead of backing up each individual file on your system, an image based backup takes a snapshot of your system and uses that image to reconstruct your system including its operating system and installed software.  By keeping multiple images of a system;  we can restore or virtualize your critical systems quickly.  This which makes running your business after (or even during) catastrophic disasters possible.

Please watch the video below and contact us to learn more about our backup offerings.

Online Backup Solutions 

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